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STUMC Leadership Application Form

Thank you for your interest in serving in leadership at St. Thomas UMC.  We enter into a discernment process in the fall each year with the Nominations and Lay Leadership Development Committee, which is made up of both pastors and lay leaders.  The Committee recommends the slate of leaders to the Charge Conference in November and they are approved by vote at the annual gathering.  Leaders then begin serving January 1st of each year.  Of course, many opportunities exist to just dive into ministry and do not require a vote (for example choirs, greeters, event helpers, food pantry volunteers, etc.)  

Leaders of all abilities, who bring diverse perspectives to these positions, can help ensure a culture that
encourages collaboration, flexibility, equity, and Christian service. To forward your name for consideration, please complete this form.  Thank you in advance for considering this important way to serve our church.


Rev. Matt Sergent, Pastor
Paula Renfro, Lay Leader

Leadership Application

I strive toward spiritual growth, and I am seeking to fulfill the five expectations of membership at St. Thomas. I am committed to continuing to grow in the following areas:

Do you support the church's mission, which is "to reach, nourish, and serve the community so all may
experience healing and new life through Jesus Christ”?

Our church is seeking to build a community that is more like the Kingdom of God, where everyone is welcome - all abilities, races, gender, orientation, and people of various ages, incomes, and political affiliations. What experiences and/or aspirations do you bring to the church’s overall success in fulfilling its vision of diversity, equity, and inclusion?

List ministry areas in which you have been involved. Please indicate any particular joys or challenges you experienced as you served in these roles.

Please list programs or ministries that have helped prepare you for a role in leadership. (Spiritual Gifts Discovery, The Leadership Summit, District Leadership Training Day, bible studies, small groups, etc.)

After reviewing the committee description, are you able to commit to regular meeting participation, being prepared and taking on additional tasks between meetings?

I am interested in the following Administrative Committees (check all that apply):

I am interested in the following Ministry Teams (check all that apply)

Please list any professional, personal, or non-church volunteer experiences, skills, or expertise you would bring
to this position. (Note: specific expertise is not always required. Instead, an appropriate balance of skills and
background are needed for each committee or team.)

Describe your faith journey or previous involvement in not-for-profits in the past.

Please list some tangible ways you seek to live out your faith daily.

How many years have you been a member of STUMC?

Thanks for submitting!

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