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A Note of Encouragement

from Our Senior Pastor

At St. Thomas, we believe discipleship is an exciting journey that we take over a lifetime. God’s love is always reaching out to us, seeking to begin a relationship with us wherever we are.

Sometimes, the journey is straightforward – we’re raised in a Christian home with parents who share traditions and stories with us from the time we are born. For others, we encounter Christ when we are much older. Our journey may not always be a straight path. We experience seasons when we’re “on fire” for the Lord, engaged in our spiritual development. At other times, we feel overwhelmed by life and our faith wanes. This is normal! Regardless of where you are on the discipleship path right now, we are thrilled that you are reading this and considering your next steps.

The leadership at St. Thomas believes there are four basic building blocks – or core competencies – we want every disciple to experience on their journey with Christ. God develops these core competencies right from our first step, but the Holy Spirit continues to enrich and enliven our understanding as we surrender our lives.


All along the way, we are encouraged to develop community, study on our own or with others, grow through our own unique lived experiences in our family, work, neighborhood, and at church, and we can practice our faith through spiritual habits and by serving others. As you can see, we can invest our time, energy and resources to become life-long sojourners. Just when we think we've achieved mastery, God will surprise us.

We encourage you to be curious and open to where God is leading you.  We invite you to start by clicking on the first step below and then continue working all five steps to create your own spiritual growth plan. (Detailed directions for how to take the Real Discipleship Survey can be found here).

What an awesome adventure awaits each one of us!

Joy in the Journey,

Pastor Abi

Steps for Growing Your Faith Deeper
(Steps 1, 3 and 5 are clickable)


Resources that We Offer to Help You Grow at Each Relationship Stage
(Click on Each Image to Explore)

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