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No one is beyond God's reach.  Each of us has an innate desire to connect and belong.  At St. Thomas, we seek to reach our community and affirm each other through corporate worship and small group community.  Each week, we gather together in worship and small-group life to experience God, praise God, know God, and grow together as disciples of Jesus Christ so that we become a part of God’s transformation of the world.  

We hope our ministries meet you where you are right now in life and that you experience God reaching out to you.  Our deepest prayer is that you will find a way to connect more deeply to God and to the community!  To that end, you are invited to explore worship at St. Thomas as well as the numerous ways we offer community throughout the week by checking out the buttons below!​


“Without Jesus there can be no church; and without the church we cannot stay united with Jesus.  I’ve yet to meet anyone who has come closer to Jesus by forsaking the church.”   

~ Henri Nouwen, "Letters to Marc about Jesus", p. 83


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