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Kathie Virunurm - director of Cru at George Mason University

Kathie grew up at St. Thomas UMC.  She got involved with Cru during her freshman year at Virginia Tech.  After graduating from Virginia Tech, Kathie went to Estonia where the Cru campus ministry was still in its pioneering stage.  She lived and worked with Cru in Estonia for almost seven years.  Since Fall 2003, Kathie has served as a director of Cru at George Mason University.  In this role, she leads and develops the Cru staff team and student leaders.

At George Mason University, Cru is reaching out to students to share Christ's love. The student population is very diverse with many different ethnic and spiritual backgrounds.  The Cru staff team and students are organizing outreaches on campus so that students have opportunities to hear the gospel.  They are also building students in their faith through weekly meetings, small group Bible studies, and discipleship.  Through training seminars, conferences and mission trips, Cru offers a variety of ways for students to be equipped to engage in conversation about Jesus and invest in others.  Kathie loves working with students and seeing their lives transformed by the gospel.  Her desire is that students will graduate with a solid foundation in Christ and a life-long passion to share Christ's love.

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