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How can we support confirmands?

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

Choosing a significant verse for confirmation is a challenging one. This one sums up our faith, and is one of the first ones I memorized as a child. Professing our faith before our church is an essential part of our spiritual journey. It reinforces our faith, while also stating our intention publicly to reject sin, claim Jesus as our Savior, and outwardly live a life that reflects these beliefs. How can we live a life that reflects these beliefs? Through community, and with the support of others and a place to practice so we can be the light of the world outside the walls of the church.

How can we support new confirmands? As a church we agree to support them; we can share wisdom, encourage them, listen to them, and invite them to serve in ministries. We may also be called to serve in a more personal way, as a confirmation mentor. This is something I was asked to do, and I will rely on the Lord for His wisdom in carrying out this Holy task. As with all things, we need to rely on the Holy Spirit. We, too, can experience the joy in reaffirming our faith through supporting confirmands and can pass the blessings on to others that we also have experienced.

Dear Lord, forgive us for not seeing You in all that you have provided and have done to bless us. We thank you for providing others in the faith who have guided us; help us be this light and guidance to others. Help us to say “yes” and to share our “witness,” as we agreed to do when professing our faith and joining this community of faith. Help us to make good on the commitment we made to St. Thomas when we became other and help us bless others. In Jesus ’name, Amen

About Holly Banner

Holly is a Lay Delegate for ST, (and three other committees), the LGBTQ Framework Team, the Watch Party Planning Team, and is also on the Adult Discipleship Team. She is a high-school counselor in her professional life, who loves to travel and be active; she and her husband Rich have three adult children: Mitchell, Brendan, and Miranda.

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