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The Un-Trim-A-Tree Holiday Gift Program is a very special program that serves children and teens in need in the Greater Prince William community.

 The program is overseen by Volunteer Prince William, which partnered with local churches, clubs, and businesses to bring a brighter holiday season to over 7500 people starting in 2012! St. Thomas UMC has been a joyful participant in the program for some years now. 

Welcome to the Un-Trim-A-Tree sign-up page.  Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up.  Then click Submit and Signup at the bottom. Please create your own tag and attach it to the gift.  The tag should include the child's number and name.  (Ex.  SIN001-1 Michael) Return your wrapped gift to the church by December 1st.  A reminder of what you signed up for will be sent to you.  Thank you!
Id Number and Name Sex Age Gift  
1.  SIN001-1  Michael   TAKEN
boy 13 Play Station Gift Card  
2.  SIN001-1  Michael  TAKEN boy 13 Visa Gift Card  
3.  SIN001-2 Jazleen. TAKEN girl 13 Victoria Secret Pink Gift Card  
4.  SIN001-2 Jazleen  TAKEN girl 13 Visa Gift Card  
5.  SIN001-3 Diamond  TAKEN boy 6 toys  
6.  SIN001-3 Diamond.  TAKEN boy 6 toys  
7.  SIN001-4 Elissa  TAKEN girl 4 toys  
8.  SIN001-4 Elissa  TAKEN girl 4 Clothes (shirt and pants size 5  
9.  SIN002-1  Darianna  TAKEN girl 10 She likes to make bracelets  
10.  SIN002-1 Dariana   TAKEN girl 10  She likes coloring.  
11.  SIN002-2 Roberto  TAKEN boy 8 Play Doh  
12.  SIN002-2 Roberto  TAKEN boy 8 Action figures  
13.  SIN003-1 Liam  TAKEN boy NB Coat and clothes size 24 months  
14.  SIN003-1 Liam   TAKEN boy NB Educational toy  
15.  SIN003-2 Jayden   TAKEN
boy 5 Clothes and shoes (size 7 shirt,  
      size 8 pants, size 1 (4-8) year size   
16.  SIN003-2 Jayden  TAKEN boy 5 Hot Wheel cars & track  
17.  SIN003-3 Danna.   TAKEN girl 7 Dress, Coat, Boots - Clothes size  
      10, boots size 3.5 (8-12 year size)  
18.  SIN003-3 Danna  TAKEN girl 7 Backpack & Diary with lock  
19.  SIN004-1 Kendrick  TAKEN boy 5 Lightning McQueen Car  
20.  SIN004-1 Kendrick   TAKEN boy 5 Clothes (shirt & pants size 6)  
21.  SIN005-1 Sukriti    TAKEN girl 4 Age appropriate toy  
22.  SIN005-1 Sukriti    TAKEN girl 4 Clothes (shirt size 6, pants size 6x/7)  
23.  SIN005-2 Kavyashri   TAKEN girl 2 Clothes (shirt size 4T, pants size 4, shoes size 11  
       (2 -4 year size)  
24.  SIN005-2 Kavyashri    TAKEN girl 2 Toys  
25.  SIN006-1  Dylan  TAKEN boy 10 Nintendo switch lite diamond or pearl   
      pokemon game  
26.SIN006-1  Dylan     TAKEN boy 10 Roblox gift card  
27.  SIN006-2 Kelsey   TAKEN girl 5 LOL surprise doll collection  
28.  SIN006-2 Kelsey  TAKEN girl 5 LOL surprise camper  
29.  SIN007-1  Izaiah.  TAKEN boy 7 Bayblay  
30.  SIN007-1 Izaiah   TAKEN boy 7 Xbox games  
31.  SIN008-1  Aidan  TAKEN boy 5  Toy robot  
32.  SIN008-1  Aidan   TAKEN boy 5 Hot wheels track  
33.  SIN009-1 Ami    TAKEN girl 5 bike  
34.  SIN009-1  Ami   TAKEN girl 5 doll  
35.  SIN009-2 Nuvia   TAKEN girl 7 Clothes (shirt size 6x, pants size 6x/7, shoes 9.5  
      (2-3 year size)  
36.  SIN009-2  Nuvia  TAKEN girl 7 toys  
37. SIN010-1 Virginia  TAKEN girl 9 gift card  
38.  SIN010-1  Virginia  TAKEN girl 9 Jacket, boots, clothes (Clothes size 12, shirts and pants size 12, shoes  
      size 4.5 (8-12 size)  
39.  SIN010-2  Yimi Cruz  TAKEN boy 9 Gift cards  
40.  SIN010-2 Yimi Cruz  TAKEN boy  9  Mario Brothers toys  
41.  SIN011-1 Jesenia  TAKEN girl 12  Makeup (lip gloss)  
42.  SIN011-1 Jesenia  TAKEN girl 12 Jewelry (earrings, necklaces)  
43.  SIN011-2  Joshua   TAKEN boy 9 Skateboard  
44.  SIN011- 2 Joshua  TAKEN boy  9 Slime  
45.  SIN011-3  Jasmin  TAKEN girl 7 dolls  
46.  SIN011-3  Jasmin   TAKEN girl 7 Kitchen play foods  
47.  SIN013-1 Anthony  TAKEN boy 5 scooter  
48.  SIN013-1  Anthony  TAKEN boy 5 Coat size 5, shirt size 4t, pants size 4, shoes size  
      10 (2-4 year size)  
49.  SIN013-2  Yareli  TAKEN girl 2 Scooter, boots size 10 (2-4 year size)  
50.  SIN013-2 Yareli  TAKEN girl 2 Small backpack  
51.  SIN013-3  Jose  TAKEN boy 12 Shoes size 7 (8-12 year size)  
52.  SIN013-3  Jose  TAKEN boy 12  Sweater Size 16  
53.  SIN014-1  Shawn  TAKEN boy 10 Vbucks for fortnite on xbox 1  
54.  SIN014-1  Shawn  TAKEN boy 10 Legos  
55.  SIN014-2  Payton  TAKEN girl 8 Rainbow high barbie doll  
56.  SIN014-2  Payton  TAKEN girl 8 fingernail polish  
57.  SIN014-3  Jameel  TAKEN boy 7 Pop its  
58.  SIN014-3 Jameel  TAKEN boy 7 Legos  
59.  SIN014-4 Jamilia  TAKEN girl 7 Rainbow high barbie doll  
60.  SIN014-4 Jamilia  TAKEN girl 7 Pop its  



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