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Confirmation as a Spiritual Journey

Confirmation is an important spiritual journey much like Lent. Like Lent, it can be hard because you must take the time to devote yourself to the Christian faith. This in mind, it is truly worth the devotion of time, because confirmation can answer many of your questions. I wasn’t sure that I should go through it, but even with missing family trips, I still found an abundance of worth in the experience. Being surrounded by powerful, female, Christian role models was a blessing. My favorite day of Confirmation was when we went to the Bible Museum. It was magical to see how people cared enough to build an eight-story building dedicated to the Bible. The museum took us through the Old and New Testament, was interactive, and got our attention. There were rooms depicting the houses where Jesus would have grown up. God touched my heart there and the moment that I stepped in the museum I knew that I had made the right decision in choosing to go through Confirmation.

I had never felt so close to God as the first time that I met with my mentor. It was astonishing what just one conversation with the right person could do. At that time, I was going through a lot. During the COVID pandemic, my grandmother, who I am extremely close to, was in the hospital on a ventilator. My family was scared she was going to die. When Confirmation started, she had to be admitted back to the hospital with pneumonia. I was scared for her. In just one conversation with my mentor, I went from terrified about my grandmother dying to being content about her going to heaven. Confirmation helped me through that and even when it got bad, I had people I could talk to.

Overall Confirmation was like emotional gold. It was enriching and worth every second of my attention. The thing is you get closer than you ever thought you would to the adults in the church. Every single mentor and Pastor Arum were helpful and loving all the way through this journey, I respect and appreciate them highly. Confirmation is a part of my life that I could never forget.

About Stephanie Burnette

Stephanie is a ninth-grade student, currently homeschooling with her brother David. She has been a part of St. Thomas with her parents, Steve and Mandy, and her brother David. Stephanie loves Boy Scouts, traveling, and cutting wood with axes.

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