After Pictures of Abatement

Kitchen After Website Kitchen Area to be renovated with all new cabinets, oven, and countertops! Shuffleboard anyone? Former baptismal font area and stage will become the site for a new storage closet! Main youth room to be filled with seating, game area, gym equipment, and tables. Bathroom hallway will become new renovated bathroom with showers. These former classrooms will become the new entryway area to welcome youth and their friends. Thank you to Claudio and his team from Green Environmental Agency for such a great job and to Don Rickerson and Ron Campbell who helped clear the rooms prior to work beginning!

Prepping the new Youth Center (aka the "Old Church Building") main room and hallways! Sanitizing the air as the crew from Green Environmental does their work. Removing all the floor and ceiling tiles! New floors and ceiling coming soon -- along with a new kitchenette, bathrooms and storage space. Can't wait for the renovations to begin this summer.

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On Thursday, July 7, St Thomas' Youth Group held a service day and through their hard work made sure the basement of the youth center is “primed” for renovation. The dark colors popular back in the

It started out surrounded by a stage platform. It was too well built to go tumbling down. However, persistence and hard work finally leveled the wall around the old baptism pool and we’re now ready