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Reach, Nourish, Serve Playlists

Today, we don’t make mixtapes – we make playlists.  We can curate the soundtrack of our lives on apps like iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora.  This is what we’ve done over the last year with our mission statement.  As a church, we’ve said our playlist will include ministries that “reach, nourish, and serve” the community.  This means we’ve made choices about what’s really important to us as a community of faith.   There’s a whole host of words we didn’t choose.  Words like alleviate, shine, glorify, love, or help.  Churchy words like disciple, evangelize, and fellowship.  Even though we do all of these things and use all of these words often as a community of faith.


                                                                            The big three words in our mission statement – reach, nourish, and serve - are inspiring                                                                               words.  They motivate us to get up and dance – to move to the beat of God’s grace.                                                                                     They encourage us to clap along.  To tap our toes, to feel our hips sway to the rhythm                                                                                 of faith when living a life in the Spirit.  They are the ones that are on our playlist –
                                                                             when others fell by the wayside. 

They help us know who we are and what we’re uniquely called to do.  Why we exist at the corner of Sudley and Grant in the heart of Prince William County.  So, as a way to help us all better understand and get into the groove of our MISSION STATEMENT, we thought it might be fun to build our own play list that we are now sharing with YOU -- the church.  The tunes on each playlist were offered by members of our worshipping community.  Please enjoy them while you’re driving, working out, gardening, and all the other activities you do each day!  May they inspire you to more fully live into our mission together!

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