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Remember Who You Are

Jan 7 | Baptism of Our Lord Sunday

As we begin this new year, we have an opportunity to renew our relationship with God as well. On January 7th, we’ll be remembering the story of Jesus’ baptism, as well as our own baptism, and our commitment to Christ and the ministry of the church. Baptism is a sacred sacrament in the United Methodist tradition. We believe that baptism is something that God does and we receive. God marks us with a seal in baptism and proclaims we are his beloved children. At the same time, we believe that baptism is a public proclamation of an inward spiritual change—it is about us proclaiming to others that we believe and we seek to live in the way that leads to life.

During worship on January 7th, each person who is baptized will have the opportunity to “remember” their baptism by touching the water, placing it on their forehead, and recommitting to walk in the way that leads to life. The purpose of a “Remembering Your Baptism” Service is not to remember the day the pastor held you in her or his arms and put water on your head, but to remember that you are baptized and to reaffirm your baptismal vows. If you are not baptized, but want to know more and are interested in taking this next faithful step, please be sure to speak with Pastor Matt.

Jan 7

"Remember Who You Are"

Matthew 3:3-17

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